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Matters of the Heart: 8 Keys to Practicing Self-Love  is a little book packed with golden nuggets to help readers discover how to “believe in yourself,” one of the most important qualities you can have. Possessing the confidence to believe in yourself is already inside of you. In the book, we will pan for gold and find the buried treasures. You will learn the 8 keys to practice self-love

Knowing how to love and protect yourself is a priceless treasure!

  • Let go of excuses
  • Change your thinking
  • Make an attitude shift
  • Make a heart adjustment
  • Love yourself
  • Embrace God’s love
  • Discover your best
  • Get out of your feelings
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Paperback $12.95

Winning In Life: How to Bounce Back from Adversity  is a book that everyone should read. The revelation and reality of today’s challenges, chaos, and confusion are presented throughout the chapters, with an unwavering assurance that God will be there to help you through. The book is packed with inspirational messages, and successful stories, that at one time looked to be completely hopeless situations.

Paperback $14.95

Bruised But Not Broken: From Private Pain to Public Victory is a collection of astounding, victorious stories. It’s a book for any woman who courageously chooses to step out of defeat and walk toward victory. The author, Linda G. Hodge is the voice of seven women who were unable to write or verbalize their stories. They have decided to unmask their faces, remove the shame, recover from humiliation, and become instruments of strength and dignity.

Book & Workbook $23.90

Woman Under Construction  is a thought-provoking, page-turner incorporates a plethora of home improvement-driven anecdotes, stories of hope and magical metaphors, along with Godly wisdom and Agape love. To help illustrate the great deal of work women often put into concealing attitudes, hurts and unhealthy emotions, Hodge meticulously describes the arduous construction process of “masking” walls. The Tool Workbook offer  plenty of these engaging, real-life applications designed to encourage readers to reach their point of healing and success.

Paperback $12.95

52 Questions & Answers for Singles This book serves as your map for reaching your destination, safe and sound when considering a mate. There is a multitude of unseen realities that are either ignored or justified by our need for attachments. These questions and answers are designed to heighten your vigilant introspection of sound judgment. So, what can you expect from reading this book? You can expect to have a pivotal change in your life as you navigate through these pages. Therefore, you will become more aware of the pitfalls hindering your thought process, and the choices you have made in your past. And, finally, self-awareness will begin to immerse from the depth of your soul. Buckle up, and enjoy your ride to a safe, secure landing!

About Me

Linda G. Hodge

I am passionate about creating a community of Kingdom Women that knows God wants to bring them into Wholeness, Fullness, and Purpose!


I believe that connecting through life experiences is the bridge that connects us from various backgrounds.  From the boardroom to the laundry room, we are uniquely woven together.


My aim is to Attract and Connect women to be all that God has designed them to be, based on truth and transformation.  This takes place by the renewing of the mind, which will transform our lives and place before us endless possibilities.

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A Blueprint For A Successful Life

Winning In Life

How To Bounce Back From Adversity

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