One of the most common temptations women face is lack of contentment.  In fact, if you know the story of Adam and Eve, it was this exact temptation that the serpent used with Eve.  In the garden of perfection, in perfect harmony with her husband and every creature of the land, she wanted the one thing she didn’t have.

Women are by nature “fixers,” so we focus on fixing everything around us. Be it the kitchen sink, or the neighbor next door, we are on a mission to fix something or somebody.

  • We’re single and want a husband.
  • We’re married and want a child.
  • We are at home with our children and miss our outside work

Lasting contentment is elusive for every woman I know.  If you find a woman who is content with her life, listen to her story. I’ll bet she has discovered a few of the following strategies that I discovered once I realized discontentment had become a lingering, unwanted companion.

If you find yourself wondering if this is all there is, longing for something more, you are certainly not alone.

Here are some of my favorite, practical ways I celebrate while waiting.  Try them for yourself.

Record why you’re grateful. Jot down in a journal all the things you have to be grateful for right now. Write them out in detail: meditate on why they are worth celebrating.  If you have a hard time coming up with these, ask a friend or family member to list some for you.  Then be thankful for every last one of them.  And tomorrow, be thankful again!

Remember your dreams. Spend time regularly describing the things you are still waiting for and imagine the possibilities. At the same time, look for threads of hope in the things you already have.  Open the doors of your mind and heart as you think about what still awaits you.

Log your life lessons.  I always say, “there is a lesson in everything”. It’s your choice to find the lesson. Search for the answer.  Sometimes, the answer is hide and covered by pride or guilt. But rest assured their is a lesson to be found.

Linda G. Hodge

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