Have you ever attended a Little League Baseball game?  It’s so amusing how the young boy, enthusiast steps up to the field, gets in place, position the baseball bat in his hand, but repeatedly strikes out. All the cheering from the baseball stand wasn’t enough to cause him to hit the ball. Feeling defeated, the young boy walks off the field, into the dugout, and decides not to get back into the game.

Too many people stay in the dugout of life.  They never swing a bat; they never face the challenge of a fastball or a curve. I would rather swing a bat, and miss the ball than not attempt to hit the ball.

Now it could be depressing to think that life is passing you by – but here’s the good news; failure is not final. So you never got into the game, or you tried and struck out? I stroke out every day of my life – but that’s OK. Get the bat off your shoulder and swing – give it the very best you’ve got, and then watch God make up the difference in your life.

Linda G. Hodge

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