Many people have a fear of becoming a success in their chosen field and expertise. I always thought that everyone welcomed success, but then I learned that many shun it.  In fact, many people sabotage their own success, just to stay at an average level.

You, playing small, does not serve the world.

Many people are afraid of success because our subconscious have been programmed for defeat. The most important thing in changing self-defeating thoughts or negative thoughts is to identify what they are.

Sit down and invite the Holy Spirit into your quite space and write down what your inner voices are saying.  What negative thoughts crop up again and again?  Then write down positive thing that have happened which challenge your self-doubts and you’ll soon come to realize that your worst thoughts aren’t true. Negative thoughts are like news.  News come to tell us what we are dealing with.  Truth comes from God and helps us process all we are dealing with.

Stop dwelling on what’s over and done with, and instead of focusing on negative aspects of past events, focus on the positive things you’ve learned from them – things which will help yo deal with future challenges.

Linda G. Hodge

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