Your purpose statement lays the foundation for your dreams and goals by helping you address the most important issue in life: knowing and understanding why you are here.

Once you get in tune with the whys of your life and career, then you can begin to answer the what’s and how’s.

Here are a few truths about PURPOSE;

  1. Everything Begins and Ends with Purpose. Stop here for just a moment, and take a good look around. Go ahead, take a look…. Notice the chairs, the tables, the people, the house, the dishes, the carpet, the cars, the office, the computers, the grass, the trees, the couples, the sidewalk, of the playground.
  2. EVERYTHING that you can see, and more importantly everything that you cannot see, began and will end with PURPOSE. Everything that is something today started with a reason today started with a reason for existence. Think about the light bulb that is shining somewhere to illuminate this page, so that you can read it.
  3. Everything you do in this life should be done with a purpose. The friends you hang with should be chosen on purpose.  The clothes you wear should be worn on purpose. The house you live in, the car you buy, the phone numbers that you store in your cell phone should all be done with a goal, reason and intended outcome in mind.  Why? Because purpose brings clarity.
  4. When Purpose is Known, Greatness is Guaranteed. Once you know what you are called, assigned, destined, and equipped to do in this life, you are literally unstoppable. Purpose is the master key to life. You can do everything else right, but if you did a great job at the wrong thing, the true mission still goes unaccomplished.  However, if you do a good job at the right job, the job goes done with the best level of quality that your life permitted.
  5. Your Purpose Births Your Gifts. You see, your purpose is the womb that travailed all your gifts, talents, abilities, and skills.  In other words, everything that you need in order to complete your assignment on earth has already been given to you in the form of your natural personality, your skills, your makeup, and your divine design. There is a common thread amongst all your gifts, and that common thread is your purpose.

Linda G. Hodge

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