The sky is the limit. On the other side of your fear is your promise. Fear sometimes has a paralyzing effect on your mental capacity.

Boxes are used to contain items. Boxes for the sake of this blog represent conventional thinking. They also represent confinement and confine our creativity and ability to see new options.

Below are a few simple suggestions you can employ today to stay out of the box:

  1. Examine your life at the moment. Prayerfully scrutinize anything that may be holding you back in reaching your full capacity.
  2. Expose yourself to successful people. Surround yourself with people who are going in your direction.
  3. Express your belief by journaling. Putting ideas, and goals on paper is more effective than merely holding them in your mind.
  4. Exercise all of your efforts, all of your energy, toward climbing out of mental blocks.
  5. Exclude negative thinkers as close friends. People in close proximity to you has a tendency to drain your energy.
  6. Explore every possible avenue to reach your desires. Don’t let any detour or dead-end Street stop you on your way to a dream God has given you.

 Linda Hodge

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